Approach the door

All we know is that we don’t know.

What is gonna be.


Please brother let it be.

Life on the other hand, won’t let you understand.


Why we’re all part of the Masterplan.


Noel Gallagher  |  Oasis  |  The Masterplan


My journey started with a realisation; I couldn’t see or feel my purpose. The room was crumbing around me, so I pushed through the door to avoid getting stuck in that room.


Taking risks in life is like being inside a giant building. You don’t know how big the building is, or even how many rooms there are. There are a number of doorways in your room. Some are open; others are closed. Some are light glass; others are heavy wood. Only you can decide to enter or stay put.


The room was crumbling. 

2017-Op Irmageddon-Barbuda recce-14.jpg

I couldn’t hang around inside it, so took a gamble. The problem with this approach is that it could be a brick wall, or a huge chasm behind the door. But there could also be a staircase or even another room. I could only surrender to this uncertainty before it was too late.


It was only supposed to be temporary. 


Once you’ve seen what’s behind the door, it’s hard to go back to the last room. Especially when you see there are many new doorways available to you.



I had no idea what the next room would look like, if it would even be any better than the last. But I know good things come when you harness the full force of your passion into all available hours of your day, rather than forcing it into that space between Friday evening and Monday morning.


Family and friends looked at me like I was crazy.


The statement ‘why are you leaving your job, that’s a job for life’ still painfully ringing in my ears and making my heart race as I boarded a plane to Afghanistan with the last of my savings. With it came a new perspective on everything I thought I knew about the world.


This journal was born to share that transition journey so that others could learn from my experiences, and do it better. To help them shape their world, and keep the dream alive. But more than all this, to give confidence to approach the door.


I don’t know what’s behind the next one, but I sense it will be incredible, exciting, scary, painful and invigorating.



It seems like this journey is only just starting..